Saturday, February 7, 2009

How Dirty Boys Get Clean

As I noted in my earlier post, I have an unconditional love for my boys over at Dazzle Me Formal. A bunch of hometown dudes just doing what they love, and catching a few eyes around town. My man Seabass started the company back in high school as a senior project, and decided to make his project come to life by putting his plan into action. He's brought in friends to help out with designs and promotional stuff (I see you Brett, Chest, Shadow and Stephen!). I had my hand in the mix for a solid while, but with my inability to stay in one area for more than a couple weeks at a time, I've kept my involvement to minimal press outreach and a few tips and ideas I throw at Seabass every now and again.

Don't know what Dazzle's all about? Sucks for you! Dazzle provides some amazing screen printed tees and outerwear, but they are also the youngest brand to ever have an exclusive deal with New Era. Now I don't wear flat bill caps, but if I did I would be all over these DMF jams.

Now I could probably type a four page essay giving you the rundown of everything Dazzle Me Formal has ever done, but I think they can do it better. Check out their website, and check out the slide show below for some more dope designs from my boys back home.


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